Get Out from Under Debt for a Fresh Start

Most people today have a massive amount of debt. Credit cards, no saving habits, and life in a materialistic society can lead some people into making unwise choices. The result is getting behind on payments for the house or the car, the threat of foreclosure, or liens on the house. Other causes of excessive debt include the loss of a job, high medical bills, sudden disability, a divorce, or a court judgment.

Selling the House Quickly

Whatever the reason, peace of mind and a fresh start can be accomplished in three easy steps when working with Cash Home Buyers. An independent company from Arizona has specialized in making fair offers of cash for homes for twenty years, the past ten of which includes fast cash for homes nationwide. Offers are made on homes in any condition.

Some past purchases have been for houses that required a little cosmetic work done. Condemned, fire damaged, and houses with structural damage have also been purchased “as is”. A professional real estate expert makes an in-house visit to the location that is arranged by the homeowner. A fair cash offer will be made with no-obligation before the professional leaves the house.

Moving Forward

If the offer is acceptable, a contract is signed for the quoted price. There are no clauses or hidden fees, and the closing date is selected by the homeowner. When timing is critical, the closing can be done within days after the contract is signed. Owners who want more time to get belongings organized are free to select a later closing date.

Saving Time and Money

The time and expense of selling a house the traditional way may not be fast enough to help get out of debt. The home has to be appraised and inspected at the expense of the owner. If there are any code violations, those will have to be corrected before the house goes on the market. Some houses remain on the market for two or more years before getting sold.

Once it is sold, there will be closing costs, legal fees, and the commission fee for the agent. It is likely that the upfront cash price may be similar to what the homeowner ends up with after all the effort. The stress mounts, the debt mounts, and a fresh start is drastically delayed. Rather than drown in debt, go to for a fast and simple solution. Begin again with little to no debt and many lessons learned.


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